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Parts list - Microflizz® & required tools

Parts list (with one channel element)

  • Aluminum profile
  • 2 Cover plates
  • 8 Torx screws
  • 4 Cross-head screws
  • 2 Metal pins
  • Preassembled chain with carriage
Tools required for assembly
  • Cross-head screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver, size 20
  • Plastic and metal hammers
  • Allen key, size 4

Assembling single rail with a carriage

1) Fasten "closed" cover plate (A) on outer end of the guide channel (B) with four Torx screws (C)
2) Insert e-chain® with carriage (D) in channel so that the "wings" of the energy chain are guided in the channel
3) Fasten connecting element (E) from above with two cross-head screws
4) Fit "open" cover panel (F) to the other end of the guide channel and fasten with four Torx screws (C)

Assembling several channels with two carriages

1) Hammer metal pin (G) into required side of channel with metal hammer
2) Attach connection plate (H) on the same side, push it as far as the middle and fasten with M6 set screw
3) Put feed module (J) in place and fit together with plastic hammer
5) Fit together other channel element(s) (see steps II,1 and II,2) and tighten 2nd screw on connection plate (H)
6) Insert first e-chain® with carriage (D) with the connection element (E) forwards into channel. Please note correct installation direction of the carriage!
7) Insert second energy chain into channel (like II,6)
8) Connect e-chains® with channel element. Align so that the teeth on the strain relief (L) are flush with the inside edge of the channel
9) Connect e-chain® at sides through the channel with four cross-head screws (two each side)
10) Assemble cover plates on both sides ("closed" version)
10) Completely assembled Micro flizz® with several channels and two carriage

Micro flizz® installation videos

Simple assembly of Micro flizz®
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