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e-chain® guidelite plus - guide trough system

The guidelite plus guide system is a guide trough enclosed on both sides and made entirely of plastic components. The guidelite plus has more guidance stability than the standard guidelite and is made of chemically-resistant EG material.  The trough consists of 500 mm trough parts which have a fixed hook or a loose slide-in connection on each side. As a result, the required support distance can be maintained at one metre, and on the other hand the loose connection allows the trough to work in the case of temperature fluctuations. It also allows an easy replacement of individual segments.  The feed module is one metre long and has a screw connection for the plastic metal mounting bracket of the chain and reworked glide bars for the correct transition of the upper run of chain on glide bar.


  • Chemically and corrosion-resistant
  • Time saving through fast assembly
  • Quieter than metal guide troughs
  • Considerably more cost-effective than a comparable stainless-steel trough
  • Low weight
Typical applications: galvanization, fertilizer production and transport, long travels at low speed

igumid EG+ GLP material properties

User report

e-chain and guidelite plus in use

Wiegel Verwaltung GmbH & Co KG
Energy chain and plastic trough made of chemical-resistant plastic from igus® have been successfully in use for years

Order example:

A example order for a 30 m travel with a E4. looks as follows:
•             15 pcs. 9GP.150.00.1000.EG+ (1 m trough without glide bar)
•             15 pcs. 9GP.150.64.1000.EG+ (1 m trough with glide bar)
•             1 pc. 9GP.150.64.167.E4.42.FP. EG+ (fixed end module)
•             60 pcs. 9GP.150.167.EG+ (connecting bars)
The connecting bars are already included in the fixed end module and do not have to be ordered separately.

guidelite plus product range

Guide trough

Part No. Height glide bar [mm] for e-chain®
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Connecting bar

Part No. Inner width trough [mm] Outer width chain [mm]

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Fixed end modules

Part No. Inner width trough [mm]*
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*Info: If the clearance is too small, it may be necessary to press the mounting bracket into the trough at the fixed point. This will leave the trough without problems.