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Unconventional Cable Management Solutions: Vertically Suspended & "zig-zag"

The modular design of igus® e-chain® cable carriers facilitates this space-saving and unconventional solution. For modern platform technology, such as performance stages, a variety of conduits which adjust the stage height must be accommodated. Lack of space almost invariably presents particular difficulties. The photo below shows an e-chain® in a "Zig-Zag" configuration. The unextended e-chain® is stored in a "basket" underneath the stage. If the stage is raised, the e-chain® unfolds, generating little to no noise. This construction is possible with Systems E4/4, E4/0 e-chains® as well as many other types. Please consult igus® for these kinds of applications.

Zig Zag igus® "Zig-Zag" space-saving solution Stroke heights of over 65 ft are possible
"Zig-Zag" applications on an indoor crane also for high speeds
"Zig-Zag" solution with E4/4 E-Chains® and project-related set-down basket
Zig-Zag "Zig-Zag" applications are also functionally reliable and space-saving in lifting platforms
energy chain Dismantling tool - E4/0 E-Chains® and flexible CF9 Chainflex® cables in use
Gangway Gangway - height adjustable with igus® "zig-zag" solution
Lifting platforms Lifting platforms - space-saving "zig-zag" solutions permanently ensure the power supply