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triflex® TRC

Fully closed, multi-axis cable carriers for robotics

triflex® R TRC is a fully-enclosed cable carrier specifically designed to protect robot cables and hoses against abrasive debris, chips, and dust. Stop dogs are used on the outside of the chain to prevent cables from pinching while still maintaining maximum stability when bending. With easy assembly thanks to its modular design and guaranteed protection against harmful chips and dust, triflex® R TRC is an ideal cable management solution for multi-axis applications.


  • Closed design to repel debris
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Two chambers for cable separation


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Shop triflex® TRC fully closed cable carriers:


Inner height Bi 1: 12 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 10 mm
Bending radii R: 50 mm
Pitch: 11.3 mm

Buy triflex TRC-30

Shop TRC-40

Inner height Bi 1: 15 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 13 mm
Bending radius R: 58 mm
Pitch: 13.9 mm

Buy triflex TRC-40


Inner height Bi 1: 18.8 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 16.2 mm
Bending radius R: 80 mm
Pitch: 17.4 mm

Buy triflex TRC-50


Inner height Bi 1: 22.5 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 19.5 mm
Bending radius R: 87 mm
Pitch: 20.4 mm

Buy triflex TRC-60


Inner height Bi 1: 28 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 24 mm
Bending radius R: 110 mm
Pitch: 25.6 mm

Shop triflex TRC-70


Inner height Bi 1: 33 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 28 mm
Bending radius R: 135 mm
Pitch: 30.6 mm

Shop triflex TRC-85


Inner height Bi 1: 37.5 mm
Inner height Bi 2: 32.5 mm
Bending radius R: 145 mm
Pitch: 34.5 mm

Shop triflex TRC-100


Inner height Bi 1: 43.3 mm 
Inner height Bi 2: 43.3 mm 
Bending radius R: 182 mm 
Pitch: 44.6 mm

triflex TRC-125

Assembly Instructions

Installation instructions for the joining and separating of the triflex® R - TRC.

Assembly Instruction triflex® R TRC

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