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drylin® T linear guide rail

Easy installation

Replace rolling with sliding motion and reduce friction, weight and maintenance significantly.  drylin T linear rail assemblies are dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating ball bearings, allowing the easy switch to a maintenance-free technology based on self-lubricating high-performance polymers.  The profile guide rails are made of light-weight hard-anodized corrosion resistant aluminum.

Linear rails

drylin® T linear rails  

  • Robust and corrosion resistant
  • Rail length up to 4,000 mm
  • No cutting charge

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Carriage assemblies

drylin® T carriage assembly for drylin® T linear rail  

  • Manual clearance adjustment available
  • Automatic bearing clearance optional

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drylin® T accessories  

Rail and guide carriage

Manual clamp optional

Also as low-profile model

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Why choose drylin® T linear guide rails?


drylin® linear systems are shock-resistant due to tough engineered plastic


Even with exposure to high levels of dirt, chips or sand, drylin® operates successfully


No grease means no corrosion – useful for underwater applications.


drylin® reduces weight by up to 75%.


drylin® is about four times quieter than metal systems.


All systems operate without external lubrication and are very hygienic.

drylin® T linear rail assembly

Dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating ball bearings

Bosch Rexroth: FNS • FLS • SNS • SLSS • NH • SLH • FNN • SNN
Rollon: MRS • MRS-L
Rodriguez: BRH-A • BRH-AL • MSR-E • MSR-LE
Romani: HRC-FN

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drylin® T miniature guide

Linear guide with a compact design in 4 small installation sizes

The dimensions of the miniature guide from the drylin® T product range are identical to most commercially available miniature recirculating ball bearing systems. The compact design makes the system of miniature guides especially suitable for small installation spaces. The simple and effective rail guide is tough and cost-effective.  
With the TWE-04, igus® provides a guide carriage with adjustable bearing clearance for miniature guides.

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drylin® T miniature linear guides  

Application examples

Designed to allow for an easy exchange with a wide variety of currently installed recirculating ball bearings, the robust linear rail assembly guarantees a service life of up to 50,000 km (31,070 miles).

drylin® T in welding technology

Longer service life and cost reduction

drylin® TK--01-15 linear rail assemblies are dirt resistant, robust and guarantee a long service life even under extreme environmental conditions.

drylin® T for use in labeling systems

Bluhm Systeme GmbH labels with drylin® T

Fast and flexible label size and format adjustment, self-lubricating, competitively priced. Guide carriage is available with a manual clamp.

drylin® T for use in grinding machinery

Adjusting the pressing roller in a grinding machine

SMB MASCHINENBAU GmbH replaced recirculating ball bearing-rail assemblies with drylin® T linear rail assemblies for vibration damping.

drylin® T for use in an envelope inserter

4 cycles per second – self-lubricating and maintenance-free

drylin® T linear rail assemblies provide the linear motion for an envelope processing tool operating with variable stroke lengths of 4 to 10 mm (0.16 to 0.39 inches) and an output of 4 cycles per second. The linear rails are self-lubricating and maintenance-free.

drylin® T linear rail assembly for machine tool calibration

Machine tool calibration saves time and money

Equipment downtime, particularly for maintenance purposes, should be reduced to a minimum.  Precision CNC machining depends on properly calibrating drilling and cutting tools prior to starting the manufacturing process. Data entry and processing assures accurate and reliable production. The calibration device is mounted on a drylin® T rail assembly.

More information on drylin® T linear rail assemblies

drylin® T configurator  
drylin® linear guides expert tool

Customize your drylin® T profile rail assemblies in 5 easy steps

dryspin® test laboratory  

More than 500 experiments per year in the 250 m² large test laboratory.

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