iglide® J plastic bushings: Material data

Materials tables

General featuresUnitiglide® JTest method
Max. humidity absorption at 73° F/50% R. H.Wt.-%0.3DIN 53495
Max. water absorptionWt.-%1.3
Coefficient of surface friction, dynamic, against steelµ0.06-0.18
p x v value, max. (dry)psi x fpm9,700
Mechanical propertiesUnitiglide® JTest method
Modulus of elasticitypsi348,100DIN 53457
Tensile strength at 68° Fpsi10,590DIN 53452
Compressive strengthpsi8,702
Permissible static surface pressure (68° F)psi5,076
Shore D hardness74DIN 53505
Physical and Thermal PropertiesUnitiglide® JTest method
Max. long-term application temperature°F194
Max. short-term application temperature°F248
Min. application temperature°F-58
Thermal conductivity[W/m x K]0.25ASTM C 177
Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 73° F)[K^-1 x 10^-5 ]10DIN 53752
Electrical PropertiesUnitiglide® JTest method
Specific volume resistanceΩcm> 10^13DIN IEC 93
Surface resistanceΩ> 10^12DIN 53482

iglide j p x v values graph
iglide j p x v values graph

Permissible p x v values

iglide j p x v values graph
iglide j p x v values graph

Compressive Strength

iglide j p x v values graph
iglide j p x v values graph

Permissible surface speeds

plastic bushings strength
The iglide® J plastic bushings are usable between -58° F and +194° F; the short-term permitted maximum temperature is 248°F
iglide® JApplication temperature
Upper, long-term+194°F
Upper, short-term+248°F
Additional axial securing+140°F

plastic bushing friction graph

Friction and Wear

Coefficients of friction for iglide® J with a steel shaft (Shaft finish = 40 rms, 50 HRC)

iglide® JDryGreaseOilWater
Coefficients of friction µ0.06-
iglide J coefficient of friction graph
iglide J coefficient of friction based on shaft roughness graph

plastic bushing wear
wear vs pressure graph for iglide J
oscillating vs rotating wear for iglide J

Installation tolerances

Important tolerances for iglide® J plastic bushings after pressfit, according to ISO 3547-1 for plastic bushings and wrapped bushes
Diameter d0.03937 [in]Shaft h9 [in]iglide® J E10 [in]
Up to 0.0190-0.009+0.00055 + 0.0021
> 0.11 to 0.230 - 0.0011+0.00078 + 0.0026
> 0.23 to 0.390 - 0.0014+0.00098 + 0.0032
> 0.39 to 0.700 - 0.0016+0.00125 + 0.0040
> 0.70 to 1.180 - 0.0020+0.00157 + 0.0048
> 1.1.8 to 1.970 - 0.0024+0.00196 + 0.0059
> 1.97 to 3.150 - 0.0001+0.00236 + 0.0070

Chemical resistance

Hydrocarbons, chlorinated+
Greases, oils without additives+
Weak acids0 to -
Strong acids-
Weak alkalines+
Strong alkalines+ to 0

moisture absorption of bushings

Electrical properties

Specific volume resistanceSurface resistance
> 10^13 Ωcm > 10^12 Ω

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