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How to Lower Driving Force and Friction with Hybrid Bearings

During my ten years at igus®, I’ve encountered a number of customers who wanted to use our drylin® linear bearings for manual applications, but sometimes due to heavy loads or the configuration of the drive force our bearings were not the best choice. That is, until we created the drylin® WJRM Hybrid system.

drylin® WJRM - a cost-effective linear bearing that both rolls and slides - was designed with the goal of (1) reducing bearing friction; (2) lowering the drive force; and (3) allowing the customer to drive the system without being constrained by the ‘2-to-1 Rule’.

For example: you have a 100-pound door you want to move manually using a sliding linear bearing. The minimum drive to move this door would be about 25 pounds using a typical sliding bearing (with an estimated static COF of 0.20-0.25 and minor misalignment), but this weight is not really the ideal force for an operator to move day-in and day-out. Our new Hybrid bearing reduces this COF to 0.05.

hybrid linear bearing 1: drylin® WJRM is a hybrid linear bearing that both rolls and slides.

With this system in place, the same 100-pound door would take closer to 5 pounds to move, which makes it easier to operate on a daily basis and, in addition, would offer a huge cost saving over cam-rollers or linear ball bearings. We would recommend using two hybrid bearings on the top with two standard drylin® sliding bearings on the bottom to act as guides.

hybrid linear bearings 2: drylin® WJRM hybrid linear bearing was designed with the goal of reducing driving force and bearing friction.

For an application that is either hand-powered or automated at low cycles, the same scenario is true even if you’re not within the 2-to-1 ratio. By using the drylin® WJRM, you can extend the ratio by 5 times to make it a 5-to-10 ratio.

Applications for drylin® WJRM include machine tool door guides, aerospace seating, laboratory equipment, furniture and applications where low weight, dirt- and dust-resistance, dry-running operation and costs savings are paramount. Although this new hybrid bearing might be a departure from other linear solutions you’re used to, the benefits really do speak for themselves.

I’m interested on your thoughts on this subject, especially if you have an application that might benefit from our new Hybrid linear bearing. E-mail me at

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