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EC.I.SU.02 service life monitoring for all e-chain® installation types

Integrated offline service life monitoring for unsupported and roller chain applications

Excess clearance between a chain link's bolt and hole is a clear indication of the remaining service life of an e-chain system®.  The EC.I.SU.02 sensor measures this clearance in clear percentage increments and sends it via LoRa to the icom. plus module, where the remaining service life until recommended replacement is calculated from movement data from the system's control system.  Energy-optimized transmission procedures allow years of operation for the integrated battery.  For the future, energy harvesting concepts are in development.

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iSense EC.I.NEW

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • new sensors allow measurement of percentage bolt/hole connection abrasion levels
  • From E2 (2500 series) to E4/P4 to an inner height of up to 112mm
  • Designed especially for unsupported and roller chain applications
  • Transmission of sensor and dynamic data via a newly developed LoRa module to the icom. plus offline module
  • Energy-efficient communication concepts allow years of battery life
  • Optional "Energy Harvesting" 

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Clear measurement of product service life reduces possible costs caused by early e-chain system® replacement 
  • icom. plus integration allows integration into existing concepts 
  • Output of service life information and warnings via HMI systems or the local network

Evidence from igus news



  • Current test set-up in the world's largest laboratory for dynamic energy transmission systems.

Recycling with igus news


  • Maximizing product service life avoids early costs for replacement, production, or emergency deployments
  • To recycle the integrated energy chain through the igus chainge program free of charge
  • More about the igus® contribution to Plastic2Oil

EC.I.SU.02 animation

  • The EC. I. SU.02 measures the distance between the chain's bolts & chain holes
  • The status can be transmitted via LTE, LoRaWan, or Bluetooth
  • Energy chain condition can be viewed at any time

Potential application areas

We have developed EC.I.SU.02 for this purpose


  • Unsupported e-chain systems® in machine tools, woodworking machines, semiconductor production, and logistics
  • gliding e-chain systems® with igus® rol e-chains® for bulk-handling cranes

isense EC.I.SU.02

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