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The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems - e-ribs

...Stabilization for corrugated hoses.


The e-ribs are clipped on the corrugated hose, so that filling can be done at the top side of the joints of the corrugated hose. The e-ribs stabilize the corrugated hose in such a way that it can move only in one spatial direction. Due to the guide elements on the sides, the corrugated hose has an unsupported length due to the e-ribs.

Less install space required, in spite of extensive reach through self-supporting function

Cable-friendly cables through a defined minimum bending radius

Easy to retrofit

Multiple corrugated tubes can be run side by side

Stability against undesired lateral movements

No change in the impermeability of the corrugated tube

Typical applications:Quick, short, unsupported applications, standing and hanging applications, pick & place, printers


unsupported lenth possible


prevents lateral movements


defined movements


stabilized tube

Input Critical Dimensions
e-shell Guide multiple tubes side by side.
e-shell A: fixed end
B: moving end

Part Number NW hose Outer height Inner width External width bend radius
mm Ha Bi [mm] Ba [mm] R
EL.01.29.0 29 35 27 44,5 80  Request
More sizes upon request

Delivery time


Autumn 2015

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