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Cost-effective and compact: gearbox system for service robotics

ReBeL gearbox system

ReBeL®: fully integrated single joints

With the ReBeL® series, igus® introduces for the first time low-cost robotics strain wave gears, with which 6 DOF robots, i.e. with six axes, can be implemented. With the modular ReBeL gearbox system, you can build a service robot yourself or buy one that has already been configured. What is special about ReBeL gearboxes is that the fully integrated individual gearbox contains a motor, a control system, and an encoder in a single component.

The ReBeL strain wave gear is fundamentally different from the previous robolink® worm gears: instead of stepper motors, it uses light, brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors). Add the motor controller, and you have a fully integrated strain wave gear. This type of motor is usually used in service robotics. The gearbox is constructed as follows:

  • A: output with encoder and mounting flange
  • B: tribologically optimised polymer strain wave gear
  • C: brushless DC motor (external rotor)
  • D: CAN-BUS motor driver board

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ReBeL gearbox system

Improve technology

Tech up for igus strain wave gears

  • 25% lighter than conventional strain wave gears thanks to igus® high-performance polymers
  • fully integrated individual gearbox with motor, control system and encoder
  • Greater capacity thanks to the low weight of the multi-axis kinematic elements

Cost down

Save costs with new strain wave gears

  • Start right away with robot kinematics thanks to fully integrated strain wave gears
  • Lightweight and thus energy-efficient



  • The outer contour and most of the mechanical components are made of polymers and are therefore cost-effective and lightweight.



  • Low Cost Automation products are completely maintenance-free
  • Lightweight components
  • igus® supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling. Learn more about this topic at Plastic2Oil.

Two installation sizes, one idea: fully integrated strain wave gear

ReBeL gearbox, installation size 80

Installation size 80

  • Outer diameter: 80mm
  • Height: 60mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Max. output torque: 3Nm
  • Rated torque: 2Nm
  • Output speed: 10rpm
  • Transmission: 50
  • Mechanical service life: at least 1,000,000 cycles

ReBeL gearbox, installation size 105

Installation size 105

  • Outer diameter: 105mm
  • Height: 62mm
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Max. output torque: 12.5Nm
  • Rated torque: 10Nm
  • Output speed: 10rpm
  • Transmission: 50
  • Mechanical service life: at least 1,000,000 cycles

Buy service robots or build them yourself

With the joints of the ReBeL series you can build your 6 DOF ReBeL robot, or e.g. a 3 DOF Scara robot. In future, you will be able to order the ReBeL service robot from us as a ready-made complete system.

More information about ReBeL robots
robolink® ReBeL SCARA


Technical data for ReBeL installation size 80
Technical data for ReBeL installation size 105

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