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TRX revolutionizes 3D movement

Telescopic triflex® TRX - space-saving installation with a retraction length of up to 40%

The telescopic triflex® R TRX combines the triflex® R energy chain and a retraction system in one. The combination enables a space-saving installation with compensation of up to 40% of the e-chain's length. The length compensation also prevents loop formation at the robot. The round shape of the 'easy' design is highly resilient and makes it possible to insert and remove harnessed cables easily.  Browse our full lines of triflex® R multi-axis cable carriers designed for a variety of robotic applications, as well as our retraction systems for industrial robots.


  • The TRX adds to the functions of the triflex R series and now makes them telescopic as well
  • Due to their patented design, the chain links of the TRX enable length compensation of up to 40% in relation to each other without the connection to each other or twistability being  lost.
  • The rubber band inside the TRX always takes the chain links back to their starting point, and the retraction force can be adjusted via the rubber band 
  • In the design study, the TRX is completely compatible with the TRE series, and this feature is to be added to further chains

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Length compensation of up to 40%
  • Minimization of loop formation
  • Space-saving design
  • Compatible with the triflex® R portfolio of the TRE range
  • Easy to retrofit

Cost down

Cost down

  • Minimization of bought-in parts
  • Shorter cable lengths
  • All components are individually replaceable
  • Minimisation of installation times thanks to the 'easy' design



The telescopic TRX is being tested for different characteristics in current tests in the igus® test laboratory.



  • Considerably less material and fewer parts are needed compared to conventional retraction systems, as a result of which resources are conserved.
  • Have your e-chain® recycled in the igus chainge recycling programme at the end of its life cycle. Irrespective of the manufacturer. You can receive a chainge Recycling Program voucher
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling.

Cable guidance in the TRX

As cables or hoses cannot be elongated to the same extent as the e-chain, they are placed in the TRX according to a specific principle. (See picture on the right) In addition, the cables and hoses are fastened in place in the middle of the TRX so that they do not leave their position when the chain is pulled. 
Thanks to the special arrangement of the cables/hoses as well as the additional tension relief system in the centre of the TRX, the cables/hoses can cope with the length compensation of the e-chain without any problems.  
Upper chain: cables/hoses wound onto reel as much as possible
Middle chain: cables/hoses half unwound from reel
Lower chain: cables/hoses are completely elongated in the TRX

Transparent TRX with cables

Matthias Meyer explains the TRX on the igus trade show stand

  • 3D movement as with all triflex R e-chains
  • Torsion resistance as with all triflex R e-chains
  • Can be lengthened and shortened, like all triflex R e-chains 
  • Compatible with TRE and TRC in the relevant size
  • The key is that the TRX can also telescope

The proof

The triflex® R TRX in the igus test laboratory

The TRX is in its final testing phase in our in-house test laboratory at the moment. The image shows size TRE.70.B, the first in which TRX will be available. 

The first seven to eight chain links (starting on Axis 6) are normal TRE. links. In the rest of the e-chain corresponds to the new telescoping TRX e-chain.
Browse the test lab below for more information!

triflex R TRX in the test laboratory

Suitable products for the TRX

The universal installation kit is ideal for attaching the TRX. The TRX can be fixed in place with the supplied mounting brackets in different positions and can be supplemented with the suitable triflex R chain up to axis 6.  

triflex Including variably installable mounting plate for installing directly on the robot (dimension A, B, C)

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