iglide® TX1 - Material data

Material table

General featuresUnitiglide® TX1Test method
Max. humidity absorption at 73°F/50% R. H.%weight0,2DIN 53495
Max. water absorption%weight0,5
Coefficient of surface friction, dynamic, against steelµ0,09 - 0,37
pv value, max. (dry)psi x fpm26,000
Mechanical properties [bold text]
Bending E-modulepsi1,740,000DIN 53457
Tensile strength at +68 °Fpsi7,977DIN 53452
Compressive strengthpsi31,910
Maximum recommended surface pressure (68 °F)psi29,000
Store D-hardness94DIN 53505
Physical and thermal properties [bold text]
Max. long term application temperature°F+248
Max. short term application temperature°F+338
Minimum application temperature°F-76
Thermal / heat conductivity[W/m x K]0,24ASTM C 177
Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 73 °F)[K^-1 x 10^-5]3DIN 53752
Electrical properties [bold text]
Specific forward resistanceΩcm>10^11DIN IEC 93
surface resistanceΩ>10^13DIN 53482
The pv values of iglide® TX1
Surface pressure of TX1
Deformation under load and temperatures

Permitted surface speeds

Table 03: Maximum surface speeds


Friction and wear

iglide® TX1DryGreaseOilWater
Coefficients of friction µ0,09-0,370,090,040,04
Table 04: Coefficients of friction against steel (Ra = 1 µm, 50 HRC)
Coefficients of friction of TX1
Coefficients of friction dependent on the load of TX1
Wear in oscillating and rotating applications of TX1

Shaft materials

Wear, rotating application TX1

Further properties

Greases, oils without additives+
Diluted acids+
Strong acids-
Diluted bases+
Strong bases-
+ Resistant 0 Conditionally resistant - Not resistant
All specifications at room temperature [68 °F]
Table 02: Chemical resistance of iglide® TX1
Specific forward resistance> 10^11 Ωcm (not bold)DIN IEC 93 (not bold)
Surface resistance [bold text]>10^13ΩDIN 53482

Humidity absorption / moisture absorption

Installation tolerances

Diameter d1 [mm]Shaft h9 [mm]iglide® TX1 [mm]Housing H7 [mm]
> 20 bis 40 0 - 0,052+0,020 +0,1540 +0,021
> 40 bis 700 - 0,062+0,025 +0,175 0 +0,025
> 70 bis 80 0 - 0,074+0,050 +0,2000 +0,030
Table 05: Important tolerances for iglide® TX1 plain bearings according to ISO 3547-1 after being pressed in, without possible expansion of the housing bore