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iglidur® RW370-PF, filament for 3D printing

  • Flame-retardant, according to UL94-V0 and DIN EN 45545
  • Flexural strength 91MPa
  • High wear resistance
  • Can be processed with high temperature 3D printer
  • Max. application temperature: +170°C
  • Available as 3D printing material (Ø 1.75mm), bar stock and injection-moulding material
Product description
iglidur RW370-PF is an abrasion-resistant high-temperature tribological filament, which was specially developed for use in rail vehicles. As such, its fire retardant properties conform to UL94-V0 and EN45545. In addition, it has the highest mechanical strength of all tribofilaments and a permanent temperature resistance of 170 °C, which makes it the material of choice for high-temperature applications. Due to its high processing temperature of 350-360 °C as well as an absolutely necessary installation space temperature of min. 160 °C, a high-temperature 3D printer is required for processing. It is also available as injection moulded and semi-finished material.

When do I use it?
  • When the application requires high temperature resistance
  • If the mechanical strength of the other tribofilaments is not sufficient
  • When fire retardant properties are required
  • From prototype to series: the same material in 3D printing, semi-finished products and injection moulding

When do I not take it?
  • When the existing 3D printer does not have a space heater (→ iglidur I180-PF)
  • When very high wear resistance at high temperature load is required (→ iglidur® A350)
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