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iglide® I190-PF 3D print filament

  • Flexural strength 80 MPa, best iglide filament
  • Can be processed easily on commercially available 3D printers
  • Excellent service life - 50 times higher abrasion resistance than ABS
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free
  • Application temperature: 90°C (after component tempering)
Product description
Flexurally high strength and wear-resistant filament - iglide I190
iglide I190-PF is characterised by high wear resistance as the material is enriched with solid lubricants. It can be processed on regular 3D printers, but a closed 3D printer is recommended. Due to its high wear resistance and excellent mechanical specifications (strength, toughness, coating adhesion), it is an all-round material that is suitable for most applications and 3D printers. Of all igus tribo-filaments, only iglide RW370 has a higher strength than iglide I190, making iglide I190 the tribo-filament with the highest strength that can be processed on regular 3D printers. With the bonding agent for tribo-filaments, iglide I190 can be processed on conventional print bed surfaces (e.g. glass).
When to use it?
  • For all types of applications where low friction and high wear resistance are important
  • If an easy to process tribo-filament is required.
  • When higher strengths are required.
When not to use it?
  • If the application temperature is higher than 90°C in the long term (iglide J260 or iglide RW370-PF)
  • For applications under water or with high humidity (iglide l180-PF)
  • If the application requires a food grade material (iglide l150-PF or iglide A350)
  • When an even easier to process tribo-filament is required (iglide l150-PF)
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