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robolink® D | External rotary axis | Assembly group RL-D-50-A0210

Product information
  • Flexible workspace for robots
  • circular movements of workpieces
  • Repeat accuracy ± 0.5
  • Speed up to 8 rpm
  • Kinematics can be controlled via URCap
  • Suitable for Universal Robots: UR 3, UR 5, UR 10, UR 16

Optionally available
  • Control unit DLE-UR-0002
Product description
Our external rotary axis can be used individually and flexibly. The robolink® D external rotary axis enables circular movements of workpieces. These are often also called rotary tables, rotary indexing tables or rotary tables and enable continuous transport to different stations of a work step. This extends the action radius of robots and makes them much more flexible in their applications. The rotary axis is driven electromechanically via a gearbox with a ratio of 48:1 with a stepper motor. An adapter kit is available for this axis for direct connection with Universal Robots in the UR CAP. The rotary axis can be used for applications with a precision requirement of 0.5°at a load of up to 100 [kg]. This type of accessory has a max. speed of up to 8 rpm. The appropriate software is integrated in the URCap and can be controlled accordingly via Universal Robot's software. Optionally, the axis can be ordered with or without a controller. To control the axis in the URCap, the control unit DLE-UR-0002 is required. Our external axis is largely made of our tribologically optimised plastics and enables high cost savings. At the same time, a long service life and freedom from maintenance are realised.
Flexible robot use instead of rigid kinematics
Robot kinematics: UR3, UR5, UR10, UR16 and the e-series

Application examples
Typical applications of our external axes are circular movements of workpieces

External axis control for easy entry into automation
The UR unit provides simple and intuitive robot control and programming for easy entry into automation. The direct control cabinet integration with UR Cap enables an easy and ready-to-connect solution. This allows the external axis to be moved in the UR CAP software within a very short time. Currently the solution is possible with the following Universal Robots kinematics: UR3, UR5, UR10, UR16 and the e-series. A master controller is not necessary.

If you want to use your own (robot) controller, this is also no problem.
Alternatively, it is also possible to operate each axis individually with a controller. For example with our igus® dryve D1 motor controller. With this control architecture, you need one motor control per linear axis or motor and an additional master control, which controls the coordination of the movement.
The motor controls are not part of the article and can be obtained from us as an option. A master control is currently not offered by igus.

Optional accessories
If you are not sure whether the robot is suitable for your application, please contact us for a demonstration.
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