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e-spool® flex 2.0

Continuous panel feed e-spool® flex 2.0

The e-spool flex 2.0 is the igus version of a cable drum without a slip ring. Cable diameters from 5mm  up to 15mm can be used.  The cable is always safely routed through a feed-through to ensure that it is properly wound up at all times.

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The panel feed e-spool flex 2.0

Tech up

Tech up

  • Without interruption (no slip ring) also for energy,
    data, fluids and air
  • Space-saving
  • Can be fitted universally
  • Constant tensile strain on the cable
  • Locking mechanism of the cable

Cost down

Cost down

  • Cost-effective
  • Cost-effective in the case of repair
  • Simple replacement of the used cable, therefore adaptable
  • Four configuration levels, adapted to respective customer requirements





  • No additional copper components in the system (apart from cable copper)
  • Parts are reusable
  • Less raw material required due to part repair instead of total replacement
  • Have your energy chain recycled as part of the igus "chainge recycling programme" at the end
    of its life cycle. Irrespective of the manufacturer. You can receive a chainge recycling programme voucher
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and invests in chemical recycling

e-spool flex mini

NEW: e-spool flex mini

With the mini version of the proven e-spool flex 2.0, the user can supply energy without a slip ring and, at the same time, transport data, air and fluids. A modular system enables flexible adaptation to the use in question. Simply unwind from the drum: this principle is now applicable in the case of short cable lengths as well and where the space available is very restricted. The-spool flex mini makes it possible.

Part No.OptionsCable ≤ øExtension length 
SFP.120.07.01.H A hand crank5 – 7mm≤ 3m Submit an enquiry now
SFP.120.07.01.SPWith spring5 – 7mm≤ 3m Submit an enquiry now
Version: H = Hand / version: SP = spring with position hold

Possible uses for the e-spool flex 2.0

e-spool flex on robots

... on industrial robots

e-spool flex in the car repair shop

... in the car repair shop

e-spool flex on platforms

... on platforms

e-spool flex in the harbour

... in harbours

e-spool flex in the warehouse

... in the warehouse

e-spool flex at charging stations

... at charging stations for cars

Possible uses of the e-spool flex mini

e-spool flex mini at the dentist's

... at the dentist's

e-spool flex mini at charging stations for e-bikes

... at charging stations for e-bikes

e-spool flex mini in the office

... in the office

Four versions planned

e-spool flex 2.0

Version I: with a hand crank

e-spool flex 2.0

Version II: using a cordless screwdriver

e-spool flex 2.0

Version III: with retaining spring
and locking mechanism

e-spool flex 2.0

Version IV: with retaining spring, locking function and retraction brake

Technical data

Part No.Cable diameterExtensionRequired cable length inside the e-spool flex [m]
SPF.250.08.01.* from 5-8mm ≤15m4.5m
SPF.250.11.01.* from 8-11mm ≤10m3.3m
SPF.250.15.01.* from 11-15mm ≤5m2.4m

*Part can be combined with the following drive (H/T/SP/SB):
SPSpring with position hold
SBSpring with position hold and break

Total cable length: extension length + cable length e-spool flex + protrusion FP (connection source)
Example SPF.250.11.01.H: total cable length: 10m + 3.3m + 5m (protrusion FP) = 18.3 metres

Structure of the e-spool flex 2.0

e-spool® flex 2.0

Cables or hoses are inserted into the e-spool in a spiral pattern

e-spool® flex 2.0

The e-spool flex in detail from the inside (from left): housing, worm guide, cables/hoses, winding housing

e-spool® flex 2.0

The e-spool flex in detail from the outside (from left): housing, worm guide, cables/hoses, winding housing

e-spool® flex 2.0

Detail: cable/hoses inserted in the worm guide

e-spool® flex 2.0

Extension lengths up to 15m possible

e-spool® flex 2.0

The e-spool flex 2.0 can be used wherever a cable must be moved freely during use and must be stowed away safely and cleanly after use

Test for e-spool® flex pull-out forces

Tested for e-spool® flex pull-out forces

In its test laboratory, the largest in the industry, igus® compared the e-spool® flex with a competing product. The test evaluated the two products' pull-out forces
The results showed that the e-spool® pull-out forces were about 10 newtons, while those of the competing product were almost twice that
A: e-spool flex
B: Competitor product
C: Pull-out force [N]
D: Pull-out [m]

Installation instructions

The illustrated assembly aid enables you to assemble the e-spool flex 2.0 quickly and professionally.

This is how the e-spool flex is assembled.

e-spool - Alternative to the cable drum

Another alternative to cable drum

Guide many different cables safely in very narrow spaces.  No tensile stress on the cables

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e-spool in use

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