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Low-Cost Robotics

The term “low-cost robotics” refers to the rapid growth of robotic production caused by accessible, simple and affordable automation components. Depending on the scope of the application, entire processes or even parts can be automated. At igus®, everything you need for cost-effective process automation from a single source is provided: whole robot arms, individual components for individual solutions or to expand existing applications, and a control system suited to robolink® with intuitive software.

Modular kit system

Automate cost-effectively

robolink® gripper arm with suction tool

Thanks to the modular system, the number of required robolink® components are reduced to a minimum. This saves costs while remaining highly flexible. The typical return on investment is about 4 months of use for an articulated arm. The joints made of high-performance plastics ensure a long service life and are maintenance-free.

Implement easily and flexibly

Implementation of a robolink® articulated arm

Thanks to the modular principle, implementation is particularly fast and flexible: the robolink® system is not only modular in itself, but can also be combined with motors from other manufacturers or your own components to automate your individual application particularly effectively.

Affordable spare parts

robolink® D individual parts

robolink® components are all available in our shop. This ensures that spare part supply is cost-effective, while also allowing you to replace only the individual parts as and when you need to. You can also benefit from the individual spare parts supply by using additional components in the automation process.

Adapt later

robolink® articulated arm is adapted

A robolink® system can be adapted to changing process conditions at any time. Subsequent expansions or reductions will not cause problems. This has a special advantage: there is no risk of making important process information public, since you can make adjustments yourself and no external experts are necessary.

No additional sensors required for collaborative work

robolink® D articulated arm in use without protection mechanisms

robolink® articulated arms can be used to work alongside humans. Additional protection measures – e.g. fences or light barriers – are not necessary. There is no cost to equip the articulated arm for use as a cobot.

robolink® is adapted without the use of protective mechanisms

Due to the lightweight construction of robolink® components, only small masses are moved during operation. This reduces the risk of personal injury from the start when working alongside other people, and also reduces the need for additional programming. There is therefore no additional cost for sensors used to detect contact with humans.

Automate with gantry robots

drylin® gantry robots are ideal for cost-effective and lubricant-free linear movement automation, such as measurement and test procedures, identification in microelectronics or the handling of small parts. The linear robots can be individually adapted to the application and programmed so that one to three-dimensional movements can be automated.

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