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Robot control software for gantries, delta robots and robotic arms

  • Versatile automation tasks through simple programming software
  • Made for gantries, delta robots, articulated arm robots
  • Simple software installation for Windows 10
  • Use via PC or tablet 
  • 7 digital inputs/outputs, CRI interface, ModbusTCP (gateway from CANopen) for connection to master controllers such as Siemens or Beckhoff

Plug and Play Solution for Quick Entry

  • Cost-effective
  • Compact, lightweight

What is included in the iRC?


  • DIN rail module support
  • Top-hat (DIN) rail stepper module
  • Top-hat (DIN) rail module digital I/O module
  • Connectors and cables (supply, motor connectors)
  • igus® Robot Control software for Windows
  • Documentation

Components necessary for operation, but not included:

  • igus® robot arm, delta robot, gantry, etc.
  • Windows 10 PC/laptop
  • 48V power supply (please see our control cabinet with integrated power supply)
  • Please visit RBTX shop  for gripper set
  • Safety components

Two options available:

  • Top-hat (DIN) rail stepper module
  • Top-hat (DIN) digital I/O module
  • All from DIN rail version + power supply
  • DIN rail mounted in cabinet
  • Emergency stop button

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