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igubal® rod end bearings

Special properties of igubal® rod end bearings


High strength under impact loads

Very high tensile strength for varying loads

Compensation for alignment errors

Compensation for edge loads

Resistant to dirt, dust and lint

Resistant to corrosion and chemicals

High vibration dampening capacity

Suitable for rotating, oscillating and linear movements


Dimensional series K and E, dimensions according to DIN ISO 12240


igubal® rod end bearings handle high loads at normal room temperatures, have excellent dampening properties and weigh only a fifth of traditional metallic bearing rod end bearings. In applications with high continuous loads and high temperatures, the loading capacity of igubal® rod end bearings should be tested in an experiment that duplicates the application.

Coefficients of friction and speed

One important advantage of igubal® spherical bearings is that rapid, rotary movements of a mounted shaft take place directly in the spherical portion. In metallic rod ends, rotary motion takes place between the race and the spherical bearing. High speeds can be achieved with igubal® bearings. igubal® bearings are used in such a way that the angular movements of the spherical bearings take place at the spherical outer diameter. In contrast, rotations of the shaft are supported directly in the inner diameter of the spherical portion. The advantage, therefore, lies in the plastic vs. steel relationship. Plastic produces lower friction and permits high speeds, even when running dry. Maintenance-free igubal® rod end bearings are also suited for linear and oscillating shaft movements.

Product range

igubal® rod end bearings are available in the dimensional series K and E for shaft diameters of 0.1875 to 1.00 inch (2 to 30 mm).

Type A – with outer threads Type B – with inner threads

The dimensional series K is available in inch dimensions as well as a special version containing a stainless steel sleeve in the inner race. This allows a significantly higher torque than for the standard plastic race.
Please ask us about quantities, availability and pricing.


igubal® rod end bearings can be used at different tolerances depending on the individual application. As a standard program, they are designed with a large amount of bearing clearance, which permits secure operation even at high rotational speeds. The bore of the inner race is produced within a standard tolerance range. Shafts should also meet recommended tolerances. Please contact us with any questions regarding tolerances.

igubal® rod end bearings - applications

ready for shipping in 24 hours igubal® rod end bearing

With female threads in metric and inch dimensions

igubal® rod end bearing

With male threads in metric and inch dimensions

igubal® rod end bearing

With interchangeable balls available in five different plastic blends.

Acessories for igubal® rod ends

ready for shipping in 24 hours igubal® adjusting bolt, mm

Adjusting hex bolt with pin

ready for shipping in 24 hours igubal® WGRM ball-and-socket joint

For rotating and oscillating movements.

Delivery time on request igubal® low cost ball-and-socket joint

Cost effective self-aligning rod ends.

ready for shipping in 24 hours igubal® ball and socket joint, AGRM,

Quick and easy manual assembly.

ready for shipping in 24 hours
Delivery time on request