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Packaging Industry

The packaging industry, the food industry or the beverage industry typically handle sensitive products. Particularly when food contact is involved, special requirements must be met, while cleanliness and economic feasibility must also enter into a symbiosis in the packaging industry by means of accurate and fast processing.
Tuned to the specific needs of the packaging industry, such as food hygiene or FDA compliance, we are able to provide you with our maintenance-free and lubricant-free machine elements from high-performance plastic solutions that optimize your packaging machines.
Your queries and wishes are of interest to us. Tell us about your frequent problems when dealing with technical plastics and machine elements for the packaging industry.

Industrial sectors

Beverages industry  
Beverage technology

igus® products are found in applications such as bottling, inspection, palletizing/transport, labeling, cleaning and blow-molding.

Food industry  
Food industry

igus® products are for instance used in waffle-baking
machines, on sausage, fish and meat processing plants and in sweets processing operations.

General packaging technology  
General packaging

igus® products are used in forming, filling and sealing machines, metering systems, tobacco processing, top loaders, tubular bag machines, pharmaceutical packaging machines, weighing machines and strapping machines.

Products for packaging technology  
Additional solutions

igus® also offers many other solutions from high-performance plastics, such as material handling equipment, conveyor belts, piston rings, double flange bushings, washable bearing solutions, complete systems for linear plain bearings and products for use in contact with chemical cleaning agents.

Special requirements in the packaging industry

News for the packaging industry

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials

iglide® 17 Standard Bearing Materials    

Tribo coating … custom

Is it the beginning of new possibilities? The requirements for the tribo-coating of metallic components are as varied as the sliding partner.

Tribo coating … custom    

Injection-molding method

Special components made of high-performance polymers and manufactured by igus® using the injection-molding method

Injection-molding method    

… with clamp lever …

The new alternative to the terminal block with Allen screw allows the clamping of the PRT's with a handle.

… with clamp lever …    

… new intermediate sizes of bar stock

New iglide® bar stock diameters of 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 mm for more efficient production of self-lubricating and maintenance free components ...

… new intermediate sizes of bar stock    

... wide variety ...

The fast-and-slow-motion specialist iglide® J is available as tube in three diameters.

... wide variety ...    

... Fast production …

speedicut: machined special parts from iglide® materials

... Fast production …    

iglide® Bar Stock Product Finder

iglide® Bar Stock Product Finder

iglide® Bar Stock Product Finder    

... tribo-tape in new widths from stock ...

Even more variety in stock! Program extended with the widths 20, 50 and 500 mm (0.5 mm thickness).

... tribo-tape in new widths from stock ...    




Ball bearing technology

Ball bearing technology

Ball bearing technology    

...simply screw

Fast and easy to install in many standard tubes.

...simply screw    

... Control it remotely

A self-lubricating linear axis, configured ready-to-install with drylin® stepper and DC motors. As a single axis or in the gantry structure ... until now.

... Control it remotely    

Products for the packaging industry

Plain bearings for packaging technology  
iglide® plain bearing

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free plain bearing materials for the packaging industry. 7000 types off the shelf.

Spherical bearings for packaging technology  
igubal® spherical bearings

Self-adjusting, maintenance-free self-aligningl bearings for the packaging industry. 800 types off the shelf.

Linear plain bearings for packaging technology  
DryLin® Linear Bearings

Self-lubricating linear plain bearings for the packaging industry: light, quiet, modular, long service-life, cost-effective. 1800 types off the shelf.

Energy supply systems for packaging technology  
Energy supply systems

E-Chain Systems® - the umbilical cord of modern packaging machines. Tailor-made from stock.

Cables for packaging technology  
KOAX cables

Special highly flexible cables for energy chains - tested, tested, tested. Over 1030 types off the shelf.

Harnessed systems for packaging technology  

Harnessed energy supply systems, connectors and cables - everything ready to install from a single source.

Piston rings for packaging technology  
iglide® piston rings

Replace elaborately punched PTFE tapes with only one clip-on guide ring, e. g. for lifting elements, control
valves and fixtures - up to 40% cost

Lubricant-free ball bearings for packaging technology  
xiros® ball bearing

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free polymer ball bearings, suitable for extreme environments.

Bar stock for packaging technology  
iglide® bar stock

iglide® materials for design freedom as bar stock or directly in finish-machined custom shapes.

knife-edge rollers  
iglide® knife-edge rollers

Self-lubricating and accurate deflection of conveyor belts in the food industry and for packaging technology.

Lead screw units / trapezoidal threads and high-helix threads for packaging technology  
Lead screw units

For classic format adjustments and lifting applications, particularly suited for the food industry because of its maintenance-free
dry-running properties.

Detectable spherical bearings for packaging technology  
Detectable spherical bearings

igubal® spherical bearings are easy to find when a packing or food processing plant is abused or crashes.

Custom parts and special designs for packaging technology  
Special solutions

Special designs and custom materials in accordance with customer needs - (almost) anything is possible.

More information

Plain bearing materials  
What is iglide®?

General information on iglide® bearings

On-line tools  
Online tools

Reduce process costs on-line with on-line tools and many other useful on-line services.

iglide material table  
Materials table

Overview of all iglide® materials data

3D CAD data  
3D CAD data

CAD models for igus® products in various formats, free, no registration

Plain bearing material properties  
Material properties

Information on load data of iglide® plain bearings


Packaging technology brochure  
igus® for packaging


News releases, press photos and reviews.

Packaging technology videos  
Video examples

igus® products in the packaging industry.