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Cold and heat resistant cables for protection against extreme temperatures

chainflex® flexible cables can withstand the harshest conditions

Specially-engineered chainflex® technology is able to withstand extreme temperatures, making the solutions completely heat and cold-resistant. Flexible cables from igus® are both flame-retardant and resistant to temperatures as low as -40°C. They can therefore be used in a wide range of demanding applications and industries, such as air-conditioning, offshore equipment, or steel and rolling mill machines. chainflex® cables’ outer sheaths can also be designed to adapt to seasonal temperature variations, if needed.

There is a wide range of temperature-resistant chainflex® flexible cables to meet your requirements. Our CF9 and CF10 control cables, ideal for low temperature applications, are oil and UV resistant. We also carry the CF34-UL-D and CF-35-UL motor cables, which are flame-retardant and silicone-free.

Learn more about the advantages of chainflex® cables and about our 36 month guarantee.

chainflex® advantages

temperature resistant

“Climate containers” used to test extreme temperatures


Tested according to DIN specifications, fixed and moved

36 month guarantee

36 Month guarantee on all chainflex® cables

chainflex® online tools

chainflex Product Finder

chainflex® Product Finder

Find the perfect cable for you by inputing
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chainflex® cable product finder
service life calculator

chainflex® Service Life Calculator

See how many cycles you can expect from
chainflex® cables on your machine

Use the service life calculator

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