Lead Screw-Driven Actuators with Shafts: SHT/SHTP

  • Lower cost than ball bearing actuators
  • Dry-running self-lubricating bearings and lead screw nuts
  • Shaft guides allow dirt to fall away form the system easily
  • Multiple shaft materials form low weight aluminum, to deflection-resistant steel and stainless alloys
  • Various lead screw leads available
  • Accessories like motors, hand wheels, sensors and more

Shop Lead Screw Driven Actuators with Shafts

SHT - standard

SHT - Standard Carriage Length

  • From 8mm to 30mm guide shafts
  • For speeds up to 100 rpm
  • 300 Series Stainless version available
HTS-BB - high speeds & precision

SHT-BB - For motorized applications

  • Ball bearing lead screw applications
  • For speeds up to 1,500 rpm (depending on load/length)
  • Multiple lead screws, nut materials and housing materials available
HTSC - Compact Carriage

SHTC - Compact Carriage

  • From 12mm to 50mm shaft guides
  • Can be outfitted with ball bearing lead screw supports
  • Includes our highest load-rated tables
HTSS - With High Helix Lead Screw

SHTS - With High Helix Lead Screw

  • Multiple hi-pitch leads available
  • For faster format adjustments
  • Ideal for applications under 100 rpm
HTS-PL - For Reduced Axial and Radial Clearance

SHT-PL - For Reduced Axial and Radial Clearance

  • Constant spring preloaded nut for axial play reduction
  • Radial clerance can be adjsuted for application requirements
  • Compact and lightweight
HTS-ZB - High-Helix with Zero-Backlash Nut

SHT-ZB - High-Helix with Zero-Backlash Nut

  • High precision axial motion
  • Available in 8 and 12mm shaft diameters
  • Multiple lead screws available
HTS- with Hygienic Design

SHT- with Hygienic Design

  • Ideal for easy-cleaning in high-pressure washdowns
  • FDA-compliant ploymer bearings and nuts
  • All stainless-steel housing and shafts
HTS-FF - for horizontal applications

SHT-FF - for horizontal applications

  • With quick release mechanism
  • Precise and quick adjustment
  • Self-locking lead screw nut
HTS-HX Actuator

SHT-HX: XY Slide Table

  • Low-cost, two-axis travel
  • Compact
  • Available with adjustable radial and axial clearance

Application examples

Bending test device

Test tool ready for series production

drylin HTS

Industrial trucks with special tasks


Further applications with spindle linear tables

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