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ReBeL® cobot starting at $6,899

The 6 DoF ReBeL cobot: Cost-effective & lightweight with plastic modular gearbox

  • Compact, sleek and lightweight design
  • Plastic arm, inexpensive and cost-effective
  • Cost-effective and easy to install and operate
  • Plug and play control system, or open source option

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rebel cobot configurator

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ReBeL® Cobot

  • Payload up to 2kg, reach up to 600mm
  • Cobot & service robot capabilities
  • 4 or 6 DoF, optional 7th axis RTU

7th Axis Robot Transfer Unit

7th axis robot
  • Dry-running, belt driven linear actuator
  • Stroke lengths up to 3,000mm
  • Compatible with various manufacturers

robolink® Robotic Arms

  • Payload: 30N, cycle times: 6s, reach: 790mm
  • DPI version with integrated control system
  • Motor & drive encoders available upon request

DIY Build Yourself with our ReBeL® Strain Wave Gears

strain wave gears

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