drylin<sup>®</sup></br>delta robots

Delta Robots for Pick & Place Tasks

  • Positioning Accuracy: +/-0.5mm (0.02”)
  • Work Space Diameter:
  • 360mm (14”) at a height of 75mm (3”)
  • 660mm (26”) at a height of 180mm (7”)
  • Max Load: 5kg/11lbs
  • 360mm: 60 picks with a 500g payload (roughly 1lb)
  • 660mm: 30 picks with a 500g payload (roughly 1lb)
  • Max Speed: 3 m/s (9.8 f/s) w/48 volt/15-AMP power supply

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Robot Control Software

igus® Robot Controller
  • For delta robots, gantries & robotic arms
  • Digital twin & teach mode capable
  • Free & no programming knowledge required

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  • NEMA Stepper motors
  • DC motors
  • EC/BLDC motors

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • A delta robot or parallel robot is a 3-axis robot connected by a common joint above and below the arms to fulfill its main purpose: picking up and placing objects.
  • The igus® delta robot is available in both a small and a large version: it offers customers with a smaller working range (330mm diameter at a height of 75mm) the possibility of achieving highest speeds. The large delta robot now has twice the reach of the smaller robot (660mm diameter at a height of 180mm), giving customers with a smaller workspace (330mm diameter at a height of 75m) the flexibility to pick up and place objects from more distant locations.
  • A delta robot can be used for standard applications with small parts, such as picking from a conveyor belt or buffer table to a stationary destination or for painting, spraying and repetitive work over a small area.
  • The drylin® delta robot can extend to a diameter of up to 360mm at a height of 75mm.
  • The larger version of the drylin® delta robot can reach a diameter of up to 660mm in 180mm height.
  • You can purchase our deltas in a variety of ways, whether you need assembled or unassembled motors and/or no motors at all, we can customize a solution that works for you.
  • igus® offers the iRC, which can be used to program and control the delta with an easy-to-use graphical interface. If the igus® iRC does not work for your project, then we can help put you in touch with some recommended control manufacturers.
  • Yes. You'll need to buy power supplies, sensors and end of arm tooling. You'll also be responsible for robot safety requirements. Integration partners can help with these specifications.
  • igus® has a network of integration partners that can be contracted hourly or per project to assist you with your delta implementation.