7th axis robot slides for cobots

7th Axis Robot Transfer Units

  • Flexible use of robots instead of locking kinematics
  • Connection via linear carriage of the ZLW-20 modular axis
  • Adapter kit including suitable e-chain® cable carriers

Most Manufacturers are Compatible with our 7th Axis Robot Transfer Unit

Application Stories


Belgian Traditional House Provides Tourist Attraction With 7th Axis

7th Axis Application

Storage and Sorting Cobot

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ReBeL cobot by igus®


Universal Robots (UR)

Universal Robot
  • Up to 4 times more workspace
  • Stroke lengths up to 3000mm
  • Optional integration into the UR CAP

Epson SCARA robots

Epson SCARA robot
  • Epson SCARA T3, T6 & ProSix VT6-901S
  • Drive: stepper motor NEMA23XL with 5:1 gearbox
  • Integrate with the EPSON programming interface

Cap & Switch Cabinet Integration

Cap & Switch Cabinet

7th Axis Robot Configurator

7th axis configurator

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