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Proven durability & stability for large cable carriers

The E4-1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors in the E4 range. E4-1 cable carriers offer greater stability with the same or smaller dimensions while almost all the accessories and mounting brackets are the same. With igus® E4-1 cable carriers, the service life of your application can be increased and costs significantly reduced.  If you'd like to request a free sample sleeve, simply fill out the form here.


  • Smooth, cable friendly interior surfaces
  • Low noise operation thanks to integrated "brake" on the radial stop dogs
  • Sound dampers available as an additional noise-reducing feature
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Numerous interior separation options available
  • Widths up to 2000 mm through extension links
  • Can open on both sides
  • Max. travel distance: Over 656 ft
Port and Terminal Cranes, Indoor/EOT Cranes, Composting systems, Sewage treatment plants, Machine tools, General mechanical engineering, Materials-handling Technology, Construction machinery, Wood working & Robotics

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E4-1 Features


Shop E4-1 e-chains

E4: Crossbars every link, openable from both sides (robust)

e4-1 crossbars every link

Series E4-21, E4-28, E4-32, E4-42, E4-56, E4-80, E4-112, E4-162, 800, 840, E4-350

Shop E4: Crossbars every link

H4: Crossbars every 2nd link, openable from both sides (standard)

E200 placeholder

Series H4-32, H4-42, H4-56, H4-80

Shop H4: Crossbars every 2nd link

R4: e-tube, hinge-opened lids on both sides, protection against dirt & chips

E2000 half e-tube

Series R4-28, R4-32, R4-42, R4-56, R4-80, R1608, R4-112

Shop R4: e-tubes

Tools & Configurators

e-chain expert configurator

e-chain® expert configurator

Simply enter your application's parameters into the e-chain® expert and it will propose a suitable solution.

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e-chain CAD library

e-chain® CAD Library

No registration needed and completely free of charge.  Easily download CAD models of e-chains in various file formats.

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Certifications & Approvals


IPA classification

Report IG 1303-640, tested E4.



41dB(A) determined in the igus® laboratory, v = 1.8m/s unsupported


ESD classification

Electrically conductive ESD versions upon request

E4 long travel

E4-1 system

Tried and tested for long travels



With HT material for 850°C (1562°F) hot swarf as special design

E4-1 sleeve sample

E4-1 sleeve sample

Request a free sample by filling out the form!

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

Dan Thompson

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