Cable strain relief for e-chain cable carriers & dynamic applications

igus® Chainfix strain reliefs


Chainfix clamp

Strain reliefs for e-chain® with igus® clamps
and igus® pressure elements.

Tiewrap plates

igus® tiewrap clamps

Tiewrap clamps as individual parts

Strain reliefs clip

Chainfix clip

Chainfix clip is a series of clamps and bottom parts made of plastic for cable diameters from 4 to 24 mm.

Strain relief

Chainfix Nugget

Small strain reliefs for fastening of cables up to Ø .79 in.

Strain relief separator

Strain relief separator

Separator with integrated strain relief teeth

Strain relief block strain relief

igus® strain relief block

The igus® strain relief block is a new kind of strain relief specially designed for hoses

Strain relief connector system

igus® plastic strain relief connector system

Cables can be strain-relieved by plastic fasteners in a confined space with PU components.

Strain relief

igus® CVF strain relief

Strain relief element outside of the chain cross section

Assembly tool

Assembly tool

Reduce installation time with this new assembly tool

  • Assembly is simplified especially in difficult to access areas
  • Big savings in assembly time
  • Convenient insertion of separators and shelves
  • Grip and mount can be ordered separately and are easy to replace

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