Safely supply energy with e-spool®: the alternative to cable reels & spools

Secure guidance for cables & hoses

Advantages of e-spool®:

  • No tensile load on cables
  • Different media and diameters accommodated by one drum
  • Energy supply possible in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • Space-saving, no "chain junction"
  • No lower run is left behind, the paths remain unobstructed
  • Cable diameter up to 17 mm
  • Outdoor applications
  • e-spool® applications that are operated upside down in public areas (spectator stands, stages, etc.).

e-spool® systems

e-spool® flex

e-spool flex

e-spool® compact

e-spool compact

e-spool® with manual pull-out

e-spool® with manual pull-out

e-spool® standard

e-spool® standard

HD e-spool®

HD e-spool®

e-spool® power

e-spool® power

Free Downloads

e-spool whitepaper

The next generation of the cable reel

Installation instructions e-spool

Installation instructions e-spool®

Real-world examples

Winding system with e-spool

Mobile wind machine

Learn about igus® e-spool®

e-spool® in the igus® test lab

igus® Booth Tours: e-chain® e-spool®

Stage Technology e-spool®

e-spool® Flexible Cables in Stage Technology

Stage Technology e-spool®

e-spool® in the fly loft

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When many different cables should be routed in very confined spaces.
  • When different media (power, data and fluids) can be routed together in one system
  • For cables with large bend radii
  • With very high loads that have to be guided vertically
  • With overhead applications in a public area

Innovations 2022

e-spool® theater

Theater e-spool® with smart monitoring

e-spool theatre

e-spool® for stage and theater operation

e-spool configurator

e-spool® interior separation configurator

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