Heavy Duty Drag Chains for Long Travels and Gliding Applications


  • Inner height 30 - 800mm, with or without pretension
  • Crossbars removable along the inner/outer radius
  • Undercut design for the most lateral stability
  • High push force on long travels, unsupported lengths
  • Noise-reducing "brakes" and optional noise dampers
  • Outer and inner side links for quick assembly


  • Quickly open from right/left with screwdriver or by hand
  • Opening mechanism accessible from above
  • Lightning fast installation using thumb - safe seat without additional closing mechanism
  • Separators/interior separation sit safely, even when open
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Design and material provide long service life


e4.1l cable carrier
  • Light, cost-effective, short assembly time
  • Combines advantages of E2/000 and E4-1
  • Snap-open crossbars on both sides
  • Snap-open along the inner and outer radius
  • Optimized interior/exterior dimensions ratio with narrow outer links and crossbar shape.
  • Inner diameter very accessible for easy filling.
  • Unique side plate with tongue and groove system.


  • For long travels up to 1,312 ft (without rollers)
  • Best solution for unsupported, side-mounted travels
  • Excellent for extreme indoor & outdoor conditions
  • Works well in harsh temperatures, dirt or debris
  • High torsional rigidity, ESD available
  • Roller links available for long travels up to 2,625 ft
  • Large kit of accessories


  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Smaller side links, thinner crossbars
  • Optimized ratio of interior & exterior dimensions
  • Numerous interior separation options
  • Wide range of modular accessories
  • Narrow outer links
  • Maximum travel up to 1,312 ft


  • Most universal and low-noise E4 chain
  • Additional noise reduction possible with rubber pads
  • Numerous interior separation options
  • Wide range of modular applications
  • Widths up to 118" possible with extension links
  • Openable along both the outer and inner radius
  • Maximum travel: 1,476 ft


  • Inner height: 32 to 80mm
  • Crossbars every link: crossbars removable along the inner and outer radius
  • Long travels of up to 800m and more
  • High fill weight of up to 30kg/m
  • High speeds of up to >10m/s
  • iF Product Design Award 2007

rol e-chain® - rolling vs. gliding

rol e-chain
  • Inner height: 32 to 80mm
  • Available in two versions; crossbars every link and fully enclosed design
  • For especially demanding applications
  • 75% less drive power, rolling
  • Speeds up to 6m/s possible
  • Uniform roller resistance in dirty environments


  • Self-guiding without guide troughs
  • For travels up to 263 ft & speeds up to 8.2 ft/s
  • Quick-filling, simply press cables into the carrier
  • Chain links of one piece
  • Very fast installation times for long travels
  • Narrow installation width, quiet operation
  • Safe, quiet, abrasion-resistant and energy efficient
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