Reliable, quiet and invisible solutions for the stage and theater technology

Setting the stage with igus® motion plastics®

  • Energy and data cables and hydraulic hoses guided in one system
  • Quiet - 32 dB(A) - and low vibration
  • Lightweight
  • For confined spaces or very high loads
  • High speeds and acceleration
  • Robust and easy to install
  • Simple installation and quick maintenance or repairs

New products for theater and stage technology

Upper machinery
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Lower machinery
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Stage lighting technology
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General stage equipment
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Design study: Low-cost zig-zag e-chain®

Low-cost zig-zag
  • More than 50% weight reduction and thus higher payload
  • Price reduced by up to 50% compared to the standard zig zag basket
  • Lower drive power thanks to weight reduction

Microphone Motor Reeler

Motor Reeler

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for theater

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e-spool® product finder

product finder

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Stage and theater customer applications


Moveable ceiling construction above the stage

Moveable stage platforms

Moveable stage platforms

e-spool in the fly loft

e-spool® in the fly loft

Robotic camera in news studio

Robotic camera in news studio

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