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Busbar system vs. energy chain® cable carrier systems

Busbars are a popular electric power distribution system used to transfer power from a central electrical source. While busbars are standard in many industries, the possibilities afforded by an energy chain system® as a direct alternative to busbars are vast. Below we broke down the main differences between e-chain systems® and busbars to help you decide which one is right for your application. 

Popular Industries:  Indoor and EOT cranes, Port and Terminal cranes, Special machinery

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The main differences between busbar systems & e-chain® cable carriers:


Busbar Systems
igus® e-chain® systems


Adding or Removing Cables

  • Adding conductor rails and carbon conductors to a busbar system is a painstaking process. If even one cable is damaged it can halt the machine for an extended period of time while it’s replaced.

  • Busbar systems are only able to run power and control cables, hoses and other cables have to be guided by a seperate system.

  • Bus bars are high maintenance systems that require a lot of care and adjusting. With many mechanical parts, there is a lot of room for error. Additionally bus bars use carbon conductors that have to be changed at regular intervals.

Hazardous Areas
  • Bus Bars expose bare loaded conductors to the surrounding environment. This creates a safety concern, especially in hazardous or explosive environments such as paper mills, paint booths, etc.


  • e-chain systems® make it easy to change out cables or add additional cables with minimal downtime.

  • With e-chain® all types of cables and hoses can be guided through the same system at one time.

  • e-chain systems® are virtually maintenance-free and can run for years without problems.

  • e-chain systems® utilize standard electrical cables that are insulated from the surrounding environment. For hazardous locations, they are available in a special ESD (electrostatic discharge) material to further increase operational safety.

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