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Festoon Systems vs. e-chain® cable carriers

On festoon systems, cables hang free and loose, exposed to the wind and weather. Unprotected, they can swing freely and become tangled, leading to costly maintenance efforts. Festoons typically require regular maintenance operations to lubricate the cable trolleys, and long travels can require motor and control systems. igus® offers a secure and modular alternative that allows you to save cables and avoid downtime.


  • Essentially maintenance free operation
  • Decreased mechanical stress on cables
  • No additional motors or controls required for long travels
  • Roller chains allow for a significant reduction in required drive force
  • Approx. 50% less cable length required
  • Cables are guided with a defined bending radius at all times
  • Guide trough secures system from wind effects
  • Multiple different types of media in the same system – easily add or replace cables
  • Trolley speeds of up to 32.8ft/s and travel distances of up to 2,600 ft
  • e-chains replaced festoons in these outdoor & indoor applications

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See comparison below of a 328ft crane application using a festoon vs. an e-chain


Festoon Systems
igus® e-chain® systems


Festoon: Festoon systems require wheel greasing, maintaining shock cords and bearings and other parts marked for wear.

igus® e-chain system®: Rol e-chain® is virtually maintenance free. Only a visual inspection is needed. No parts are marked for wear.

Shorter cable lengths w/ space-saving design:



Approx. 377ft cable for 328 ft travel distance

Approx. 9.8ft length for the "cable loops"

Energy chain system

igus® e-chain system®:

50% less cable (170ft cable with center feed!)

Approx. 2.6ft system height

Less steel construction required

Securely Guide Cable with e-chain® cable carriers:

Festoon System


Cables hang uncontrollably and can get caught in the crane structure (e.g. due to wind).

Festoon Replacement

igus® e-chain system®:

Cables are securely guided in the e-chain® and cannot get caught at any point.

Secure strain relief with igus® clamps:

Festoon System


Cables are clamped in bunches at each trolley, making replacement or addition of cables a time consuming process.

igus® e-chain system®: Cables are securely clamped at each end of the energy chain®, and can be easily released individually for exchange or replacement.

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