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Build - make your own robot

In order to make your work process more cost-effective and efficient, you have two options: you can use the robolink® designer to create an articulated arm according to your requirements, or you can order individual components directly from our shop. The modular system makes robolink® flexible, as well as capable of being used in combination with your own and other manufacturers’ components, tools and control systems.

robolink® designer

robolink® designer  

The robolink® designer provides an intuitive interface that allows you to construct and simulate an articulated arm according to your requirements. Step by step, you can select components, adjust them, and then receive their information on a parts list.

Component parts in the shop

robolink® D individual parts  

You can find single components in our shop in order to design an individual automation solution for your application. For maximum flexibility, robolink® components can be equipped with motors made by other manufacturers or your own connecting plates/control system.

Customized robolink® solution in use

robolink® components as part of a warehouse gripper arm


Due to the high modularity of the individual robolink® components, even complex special applications can be automated. For example, in the example from MATRIUM GmbH, a tailor-made solution was developed using robolink® components, their own components and components from other manufacturers. A gripper arm was constructed, which sorts and places scanned JEDEC trays fully automatically into a rack and reliably carries out a very expensive process.


CPR control system for robolink®

CPR control system and robolink® D articulated arm  

The CPR control system with easy-to-use software is programmed to work with the robolink® articulated arm. Arms with four or five degrees of freedom can be implemented with this modular industrial control system.

Assemble it yourself - here's how

robolink® component parts on table with tools  

Typically, customers receive your robolink® robot pre-assembled. On request you can easily assemble the module yourself. The assembly videos will show you how.

Data sheet of a gripping tool  
Data sheets of the component parts

Do you need further information or technical details about individual robolink® components? If so, take a look at our data sheets to get a better overview.

CAD download page overview  
Free CAD download

The CAD data of the individual robolink® components, as well as the fully configured articulated arms, can be downloaded free of charge from igus® in various formats and for different CAD systems.

Would you rather have a pre-configured robolink® system?

igus® also offers various pre-configured and assembled robolink® models. If required, these models can be used with the CPR control system tailored for robolink®, which comes with easy-to-use software.

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