Clevis Joint & Clevis Pin Combinations

igubal® clevis joints consist of a clevis head with a bolt and circlip or spring-loaded fixing clip. The clevis joints are available for left-hand and right-hand threads. In combination with the igubal® rod ends of dimensional series E, these make up joints that are deployed in many different branches of industry – in the food industry, the packaging industry, disposal technology, automation technology and in the automotive industry, among others. The clevis joints are corrosion-resistant, resistant to chemicals, dirt and dust. In addition, they stand up to the sun's UV radiation and temperatures between -22°F and 176°F (-30°C and +80°C) for years on end without losing any of their running properties or wear resistance. We also rigorously test our clevis joints each year inside our 41,000 sq.ft. test laboratory in Germany.

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