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Flexible control cable - chainflex®

chainflex® flexible control cables have been specially developed to handle high-speed movement in cable carriers, low bend radii, and extreme environments. They are ideal for the stringent demands of industry, plant engineering and mechanical engineering. Our control cables have been tested meticulously in energy chains in our test lab to ensure that they can withstand millions of cycles. The strict test criteria applied in the igus® test laboratory ensure that they have a long service life and are of the highest quality. chainflex® high-flex control cables are available as PVC control cables, PUR control cables or TPE control cables. Depending on the control cable type, they are certified and approved for specific applications (CE, NFPA, CEI and many others) and can be used at high speeds or withstand extreme temperatures. Our flexible control cables are UV-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free. Use the filter options above to find the right cable to suit your individual requirements.

chainflex® control cables are often used in energy chains or in robotic applications. The control cables are often installed together with chainflex® bus cables or chainflex® data cables. The use of high-quality materials enables particularly small bend radii and easy installation of the cables even where there is little space available. The long service life, particularly in the case of moving applications, should also be taken into consideration. Use our service life calculator for control cables and find out long we estimate our cables will last, so that you can avoid costly downtime. Technical data relating to our control cables can be downloaded in the form of a PDF for each product.

If you have any questions or queries regarding chainflex® control cables, our chainflex® experts will be glad to help you at any time. You can use the chat tool to ask us questions about control cables or any other igus® products. You can of course contact us by phone or e-mail as well.


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