Two and Four Bolt Flange Bearings

igubal® bolt flange bearings are resistant to chemicals, dust and coarse dirt, UV radiation and nuclear radiation. Bolt flange bearings function properly at extreme temperatures between -40 and +200°C (-40°F and +392°F) and are corrosion-free in damp and wet environments. Therefore, they are suitable for reliable use in demanding environments and always maintain their running properties and their wear resistance. Another advantage to our bolt flange bearings is that both two-bolt and four-bolt flange bearings are easy to install, even in difficult-to-reach places. Two-bolt flange bearings are equipped with two mounting holes for attachment, which allows for adjustment at any time. A precise alignment is unnecessary, as the bolt flange bearing automatically compensates for error. The bolt flange bearings (dimensional series E) are deployed in plant and machine engineering, in automation technology, in the agricultural industry and in the food industry. Browse our bolt flange bearing options below to find which is best for your unique application.

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