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Fiber Optic Cable for Movement - chainflex®

Fiber Optic Cable - chainflex®
chainflex® fiber optic conductors (FOCs) or fiber optic cables (LLK) are suitable for moving applications in industry, for example. Fiber optic conductors are used to transfer light. The light is guided through a quartz and glass mixture. Fiber optic conductors are also often referred to as optical fiber cables, whereby most people mean a fiber-optic light guide in which several fiber optic conductors or cables are bundled together. In physics, fiber optic conductors are regarded as dielectric waveguides. chainflex® FOCs are mainly used in communications technology, i.e. in IT, to transfer information, the reason being that, in the case of cable-bound communication systems, a large range and, even more important, high transmission rates are important. However, fiber optic conductors are also used in other areas, including the following:
- in energy transmission where they are used as light guide cables for the "flexible" transport of laser beams for machining purposes
- in medical technology
- for lighting in equipment and buildings
- for imaging purposes such as microscope lighting
- in measurement technology, for example spectrometers
In the main, however, fiber optic conductors are used in modern communications technology. This was not always the case; in the beginning, FOCs were associated with too much attenuation over long distances compared to coaxial cables. Fiber optic cables were therefore of no interest. In the course of time, however, this has changed. Fiber optic cables connect the world and form the backbone of global information and communications technology. A fiber optic cable has a simple structure; on the inside, there is a core, the so-called glass fiber. The fiber is enclosed in a jacket that has a somewhat lower index of refraction. The jacket has a protective coating as well as an outer shell.
Use the high-tech chainflex® fiber optic cables now and gain a technical lead over your competitors. igus® fiber optic cables have been specially developed for e-chains® (energy chains). They are of a high quality due to the special way in which they are manufactured and have an especially long service life. The service life of chainflex® fiber optic cables is very easy to determine with our service life calculator for fiber optic cables. This gives you the necessary planning security for your project. igus® FOCs are often installed in energy chains together with other chainflex® cables, the latter usually being bus cables for sensor monitoring, data cables made of copper or control cables. chainflex® fiber optic cables as gradient glass-fiber cables, "polymer optical fibers" abbreviated POF and "Hard Clad Silica Optical Fibers" abbreviated HCS, are ideal for heaviest duty applications. The fiber optic cables are available with a PUR or TPE outer jacket. In order to ensure a large range of uses, chainflex® fiber optic cables contain no metal and are resistant to coolant and oil. In addition, igus® fiber optic cables are available as UV-resistant or fire-retardant cables. If you have any questions about igus® FOCs, simply use our Chat tool to talk to us. Of course, you can also call us at any time during our business hours. If you want to contact one our fiber optic cable experts outside of business hours, please send us an e-mail. Equip your energy chain with a chainflex® fiber optic cable today and avoid unscheduled downtimes. "Downtimes" can be planned. It is not for nothing that the slogan of chainflex® fiber optic cables is: works – or your money back!


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