About iglide® plastic bushings

bearings made of high-performance polymers

Picture 1.1: The dream of every design engineer: calculable bearings made of high-performance polymers

iglide® high-performance polymer bearings

Highly wear-resistant polymers improved by precisely harmonized additions of strengthening materials and solid lubricants, tested a thousand times and proved a million times - that is iglide®.
igus® engineers develop more than 100 new plastic compounds every year, test the maintenance-free plain bearings in more than 5,000 experiments per year and have built up a comprehensive database about tribological properties of the polymers in the past years.
Today this database makes it possible for us to judge most of the applications beforehand and to assess the expected service life, so that reliability and safety of application are offered to the user.

Expert system  

Picture 1.2: Bearing laboratory for tribological tests

igus bearings  
General features of iglide® plain bearings


Corrosion resistance


Media resistant

High compressive strengths

Low coefficients of friction

High mechanical dampening

High dirt resistance


Best wear-resistance

Excellent price/performance ratio

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