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Longer service life and costs reduced by 40% with iglide® plastic plain bearings

iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® are cost-effective, self-lubricating, maintenance-free and universally applicable: they are suitable for automotive mass production, special machine construction, underwater applications or the food and tobacco industries. They are applicable in extreme temperatures and have a high chemical resistance. iglide® plain bearings are available in a wide range of standard catalog options, and customization is possible from quantities of 1. For more than 30 years, the RoHS compliant iglide® plain bearings have offered a technical and economic advantage over all types of metallic plain bearings.

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30+ years of experience = predictable service life

iglide® plain bearings are manufactured from innovative high-performance plastics for a wide range of applications. In the igus® test laboratory all iglide® plastics are tested intensively for coefficients of wear and friction. 10,000 tests per year provide the data base for the online service life calculator. In just four steps, the iglide® expert system registers your requirements and then provides you with a comprehensive suitability and service life analysis of all iglide® materials. The predicted service life offers high planning reliability and saves costs.Ask for a free sample!

100% self-lubricating and maintenance free

Corrosion-free and hygienic

Good edge-load resistance

Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environments

Savings potential up to 40%

No minimum order cost or quantity

Shipped from stock in as little as 24 hours

Service life can be calculated online

Plastic bearing white papers and videos

7,000 plain bearing types from stock - the world's largest standard range

iglide® G300  
iglide® G300 - The all-around performer

Maintenance-free, dry operation

High abrasion resistance

Resistance to dust and dirt

Over 650 sizes available from stock

iglide® J  
iglide® J - The fast and slow motion specialist

Low wear against different shaft materials

Low coefficients of friction running dry


Low humidity absorption

iglide® X  
iglide® T500 - the high-tech problem solver

Wear resistant from -148°F to + 482°F in long-term operation

Excellent chemical resistance

High compressive strength

Very low moisture absorption

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Plain bearing developments  

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iglidur® G1, the new standard

Plain bearings sample box  

Plain bearings sample box

Discover and try out solutions for your application.

Service life calculator Plain bearings  

Service life calculator

Simply enter application parameters and get the expected service life.

Plain bearing test laboratory  


135 trillion test movements every year

Selected application examples

Beverage industry application  

Beverage filling machines

Increased service life

Newly used two-component polymer bearing could virtually double the service life.

Weaving machine application  

Weaving machines

100% self-lubricating

Vibrating axes in 24/7 operation are mounted on igus® plain bearings.

Agricultural machinery application  

Agricultural machinery

No downtime

For many years the plastic plain bearings have been proving their worth in arduous field work.

Overview of applications  

More than 400 applications

In a wide range of industries, solutions are technically improved and costs saved by the use of plastic plain bearings.


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