Flexible Cables For Moving Applications

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chainflex® cables are the world’s number one cables in terms of selection, testing and guaranteed service life. We offer the largest variety of flexible cables, with over 1,244 cable types for data, bus, hybrid, control, motor, measuring system, servo, coaxial, FOC, special and robot. chainflex® resists a range of dangerous conditions, like extreme temperatures and oil, and can handle any type of motion, including horizontal, torsional or high speed. All our cables are tested in the igus® 29,600 sq. ft. laboratory, where 125 test systems and over 600 simultaneously running tests are assessed. With every chainflex® cable, you can expect:

  • 36-month guarantee
  • Shipping from 24 hours
  • Calculable service life
  • 50% time savings with stripping due to CFRIP technology
  • Free samples available


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Chainflex Product Finder  

chainflex® Cable Product Finder

Unsure of which cable you need? Use our chainflex® product finder. It only takes three easy steps to find your ideal cable solution.

chainflex® cables in test stand at igus®  

chainflex® Cable Test Lab

We conduct hundreds of tests, on thousands of cable types, for millions of cycles every year. Check out our test lab for yourself.

Chainflex Product Finder  

chainflex® Cable Service Life Calculator

Find out how long our cable will last in your machine.

Chainflex guarantee  

chainflex® Cable 36 Month Guarantee

How can we guarantee our cable will last for 36 months? We've tested them for millions of cycles to ensure it will last in your machine. See our innovative process here.


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