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Bus cables

chainflex® bus cables meet the special requirements of the machine industry. The special feature of our bus cables is that they are primarily designed for movement. In igus®'s own test laboratory, the chainflex® bus cables are tested in e-chains® with many million cycles and under extreme conditions. igus®, the expert for tribologically optimized polymers, uses chainflex® bus cables in energy chains. Other chainflex® cables such as data cables or control cables are often used in an e-chain®. Use chainflex® highly flexible bus cables for your future-oriented installations and applications.

Further key data on the "BUS" and its declaration of origin: This refers to the data bus, i.e. a system for data transmission between several devices over a single line (one transmission path). If the participants of a bus system communicate, data transmission only takes place between two participants, the others must "remain silent". Failure to do so may result in malfunctions. An explanation of where the term "BUS" comes from is not really clear. According to the Wiki, one interpretation of the term is - due to a lack of written sources, it is based on the memory of engineers who were involved with BUS systems in the 1970s and earlier: The term therefore comes from the abbreviation "BU" for Back (mounted) Panel Unit used in circuit diagrams, which in 19-inch racks refers to a component mounted on the rear panel of the rack. BUS then designated corresponding back panel unit sockets for slots mounted on the rear panel. Accordingly, the English term busbar is derived, which means as much as busbar. The bus is often compared to a bus - et al. This results in the subsequently interpreted illustration that a bus departs its entire route, the passengers get in and out independently at the stops (bus participants) targeted by you. This variant is technically incorrect, but roughly explains how a bus line works. Some theories about backronyms were also expressed. The abbreviation Bus stands for Binary Unit System.

Types of bus cables

There are many types of bus cables, such as fieldbus cables, CAN bus cables, Profinet or Profibus. chainflex® bus cables are designed for many applications and offer the highest standards. Ask a chainflex® bus cable expert directly here in the chat. In addition, you can calculate the service life of your desired bus cable online here on this page. This gives you planning security for your project. You can freely configure our chainflex® bus cable, giving you the flexibility you need to implement individual concepts. If you have any questions about chainflex® bus cable, please do not hesitate to contact us. Buy the perfect bus cable today and get your project moving.

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