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The advantages of igus® products for gaming furniture:

  • Self-lubricating for longer service-life
  • Silent operation and smooth gliding
  • Wide range of sizes and versions, suitable for very small spaces
  • Cost-effective, and easy, straightforward assembly
  • Available from stock, ready for shipment from 24 hours

Gaming Furniture Examples:

Standing Gaming Desk

Standing desk cable management

Gaming chair components

Gaming chair components

Gaming media displays

Gaming media displays

Gaming furniture customer applications

Gaming & Movie Seats

Plastic Bearings for Gaming & Movie Seats

wooden gaming desk

Wooden gaming desk

Media elevator

Media elevator

Bearings in Ergonomic Chair

Bearings in Ergonomic Chair

monitor mount

E2 mini makes things happen

  • Silent operation through small pitch
  • Long service life
  • Easy assembly

New products for gaming furniture

Cable Clip  - design study

Design study:

Cable Clip for quick attachment of cables

  • Quick, easy installation on surfaces with a wide variety of shapes and diameters
  • Compact and lightweight


The future of gaming cable management

Browse interactive 3D models of various cable carriers and cables

3d models

More Gaming Furniture information

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