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Special solutions for cable carriers

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guidefast: quickly assembled as a modular solution

guidefast guide troughs are fastened from the side. Simple assembly by means of a small number of different components.
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e-spool® flex - uninterrupted panel feed | Extension length 5-15m

  • No slip ring
  • Without interruption (no slip ring), for energy,
    data, fluids and air
  • Space-saving
  • Universal assembly
  • Constant tensile strain on the cable
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy in case of repair
Note: Please consider VDE 0298 Part 5 (Current carrying capacity and conversion factors for wound cables) when selecting your cables and when using e-spool flex
from 796.07 USD/Pc.
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e-spool®: cable drum without slip ring

The alternative to a cable reel – reduce cable wear and reliably guide different media.
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e-skin® corrugated tube

  • Space requirement: 80 - 200mm
  • Bend radius: 40 - 55mm
  • Unsupported length: depends on the guided cables
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e-skin flat cable guidance system and CFCLEAN

  • Modular and compact design
  • Replace cables quickly
  • Suitable for cleanrooms according to IPA ISO Class 1
  • High reliability due to balanced stranded structure of CFCLEAN cable
  • Available from stock
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Hybrid energy chain YE.42

50% stronger than pure plastic energy chains* and 50% lighter than pure steel energy chains*. No rivets, no screws. Energy chain links openable quickly, for easy cable replacement.
  • Inner height hi: 42mm
  • Outer height ha: 76mm
  • Inner widths Bi: 50 - 400mm
  • Outer width Ba: 68 - 418mm
  • Bend radii R: 100mm
  • Pitch: 67mm
from 66.81 USD/Pc.
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micro flizz® - e-chains® in aluminium profiles

Compact, cost-saving energy chain. Space-saving complete system for safe guidance of energy, data and air.
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basic flizz® fully enclosed energy supply

Cost-effective, enclosed solution for long travels, e.g. wastewater treatment plants.
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ESD- Electrocstatic discharge drag chains

Openable energy chains with mounting brackets and interior separation in electrically conductive ESD material available from stock.
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guidelok slimline P/PS - vertical guide

  • Up to 7m/s and 10m/s2
  • Up to 80% less trough required, saving cost and weight
  • For hanging systems up to 50m
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Rotary modules – for circular movements

The igus® modular system for fast rotary applications. Integrated strain relief and cable guides within the guide trough. Maximum angle of rotation 600°.
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guidelok horizontal - upper run guide

Unhindered travel: no swarf can settle between the sliding surfaces of the upper and lower runs of the energy chain.
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Hybrid cable carrier YE.56

  • Inner height hi: 56mm
  • Outer height ha: 90
  • Inner widths Bi: 50 - 600mm 
  • Outer width Ba: 74 - 624mm
  • Bend radii R: 100 - 500mm
  • Pitch: 91mm
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AX e-chains® series

Exterior stop-dogs prevent the accumulation of dust. All existing widths can be combined.
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