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Machining centers

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Large gantry machine tool

igus® parts used in machine tool manufacturing

  • Can be opened and closed without tools
  • Optional noise dampeners for quieter operation
  • Saving materials leads to lighter weight
smart plastics
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reduce maintenance time of the machine tool
  • Avoid unplanned downtimes
pre-assembled cable carriers
  • Ready-to-connect energy supply modules
  • Pre-assembled directly by the manufacturer
  • Optimize transport & assembly

chainflex® cables
  • Strain relief in the housing
  • Space-saving due to flat housing
  • Adapt connector to energy chain geometry
  • Save 80% assembly time
  • Unique interior separation system
  • Long service life due to optimized design
e-tube R2.1
  • Cost-effective dirt and chip protection
  • Easy to fill
  • Low noise operation due to integrated brake

Customer Applications

smart plastics used in automotive suppliers

Avoid machine failures

readychain energy supply systems

Reduce costs and enhance performance

drylin R

Low-noise operation due to sliding

CNC Machining Center

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