Scara Robot Cable Management: Flexible & Made from Durable Polymers

Corrugated tube dynamically reinforced on the SCARA robot

David Sandiland presents the Scara cable solution

  • The energy supply for Scara robots
  • Individually adaptable for different Scara models
  • Includes the energy supply system from axis 1 to the ball screw
  • Currently the nominal width of the Scara cable solution (inside) is available with 29mm
  • Nominal widths 23mm and 36mm are being planned
  • Spare parts supply is guaranteed by the ordering of individual parts

What is behind the Scara cable solution?

AR for SCARA Cable Solution

Augmented reality for SCARA Cable Solution

Configure SCARA Robots in 3 Steps

Configure SCARA robots quickly and easily

  1. Select your SCARA robot using the drop-down menu or quick search.
  2. Then set the fixed point of your application.
  3. We will send you an exploded view and a parts list that you can order directly, or you can just request an quotation.

The SCARA Cable Solution consists of three elements adapted to the SCARA robot

Scara Cable Solution: end pieces and hose
  1. Moving end attachment (straight): TR.SCS.
  2. Moving end attachment (angled): TR.SCS.
  3. Fixed end attachment: TR.SCS.
  4. Corrugated hose with e-rib: TR.SCS.29.LLLL.0

Example of the structure of part numbers: SCARA EPSON G6 553s

moving end

Part number, moving end
Part number, moving end

fixed end

Part number, Fixedend
Part number, Fixedend

+ e-rib hose

Part number, moving end
Part number, moving end

Scara cable solutions questions and answers

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Robotics cable carrier catalog:

Robotics cable carrier catalog:

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