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Maintenance-Free Parts for Aerial Lifts & Telescopic Lift Platforms

Advantages of igus® products:

  • No screws
  • No loose or lost parts due to vibrations
  • No rusting and jamming
  • Cables with high UV resistance
  • No greasing of bearing points
  • Maintenance-free and self-lubricating

Browse parts for aerial lifts and telescopic platforms

e-chains YE-Hybrid
chainflex® cables
iglide® bearings and barstock sliding plates

Aerial lifts & telescopic lift projects with igus® products

Everything from a single source, tested safety and quick installation

Lifting work platforms

Lifting work platforms

work platform

Work platforms

transport vehicle

Transport vehicle

Utility vehicle for mining

Mining application

Drilling and pile-driving machines for railway construction

Drilling and pile-driving machines

Work platform for tunnelling

Work platform

Free samples and downloads

Aerial lift Industry brochure

Aerial Lift Industry Brochure:

YE sample box

Free Work Platform Sample Box

E4Q e-chain® with extender crossbars

Extender crossbar modular system for large diameters

Orange Services

Orange Services

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