We bring sales and engineering into virtual reality

  • Advantage 1: distance no longer matters. Members from all over the world can meet as avatars in digital space and exchange ideas.
  • Advantage 2: projects become clearer and more tangible from Day 1.

Your advantages with the iguverse

Tech up
  • More safety through reduced risks
  • Repeatability
  • Faster integration into production environment
  • Optimised quality of systems and machines
  • Good data collection and analysis
  • Understanding of complex relationships and early testing
  • Faster realisation of the idea to the product
Cost down
  • Cost reduction through simulation
  • Time saving on site
  • Minimisation of downtime
  • Reduced risk of planning errors
  • Lowered travel expenses
  • Elimination of reduction of prototyping effort
  • When installing an igus e-loop on a drilling platform, important design changes ultimately meant that the product could not be installed as planned. If the construction and installation had been simulated in the iguverse, these difficulties with the mounting bracket and the cable guidance would have been recognised at an early stage and could have been solved more efficiently. The virtual world would have visualised problems and solutions immediately.
  • Reduces travel
  • Conserves resources as there is no need for complex prototype production
  • Improves team flexibility and adaptability
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Can improve team effectiveness

Next-level engineering: implement systems and machines faster and more efficiently in the future

Next-level engineering
Automotive in the iguverse
Automotive in the iguverse
Automotive in the iguverse
Drilling rig in the iguverse
Drilling rig in the iguverse
Drilling rig in the iguverse
  • Plan machines, systems and vehicles.
  • Find the right components quickly.
  • Develop products digitally with igus experts.
  • Instruct customers or employees in handling machines.
  • Get virtual assistance with repairs.
  • Let 1:1 feasibility analyses with 3D models support you in product development.
  • Identify weaknesses at an early stage and optimise your design - without physical prototypes.
  • Present your company or your products on our platform and save yourself the effort of developing your own metaverse.

References about the iguverse

References about the iguverse

The iguverse from igus
Dina Reit, CEO of SK LASER, explores the iguverse

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The iguverse is igus's digital world for sales and engineering in the metaverse