Data cables

Data cables from chainflex® are available as PVC, PUR and TPE data cables, as twisted pair, or as data cables braided in layers. The highly flexible cables are suitable for high stress and are flame-retardant as well as oil-resistant. They are used in high speeds and accelerations. All chainflex® data cables are designed as shielded cables. Tested in the igus® laboratory with millions of cycles in e-chains®, they provide guaranteed safety against failure.
  • Bending radii up to 6,8xd
  • Jacket materials: PVC, PUR or TPE



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chainflex® CF240 data cable PVC

from 0.90 USD / ft

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chainflex® CF240-PUR data cable PUR

from 1.08 USD / ft

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chainflex® CF211 data cable PVC

from 0.89 USD / ft

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chainflex® CF211-PUR data cable PUR

from 1.13 USD / ft

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chainflex® CF11 data cable TPE

from 1.86 USD / ft

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chainflex® CF12 data cable TPE

from 4.79 USD / ft

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chainflex® data cable CF112

from 3.98 USD / ft

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chainflex® data cable CFROBOT3

from 8.17 USD / ft

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Data cable

chainflex® data cables are specially developed for "motion" applications. The data cable is mainly installed in energy chains. Due to its high flexibility, the data cable has a long service life during movement. How long the respective data line lasts can easily be determined with our service life calculator. In this way you can ensure that the selected chainflex® data cable also meets your requirements. The data cable is available as PVC data cable, PUR data cable and TPE data cable. Primarily used in e-chains®, the cable can unfold its full potential. The data cable is often used with other chainflex® cables, such as bus cables or control cables in energy chains. The service life of the highly flexible data cable and other chainflex® data cables for bending radii from 6.8 x d can easily be calculated with our online tool. Our data cables have numerous approvals and classifications (EAC, CE, CTP, etc.).

chainflex® data cables that can be integrated in e-chains®:

bus cables
fiber optic cables
control cables

chainflex® is a trademark of igus® GmbH. Data cables "Made in Germany" and much more. The data cables are tested in our test laboratory under the most extreme conditions. This enables us to continuously improve chainflex® products. chainflex® data cables are developed for use in motion. Convince yourself of the long service life of our data cables. Flame resistance and oil resistance are only two of the many properties of our cables. Thanks to our high standards and tests, our cables are up to any challenge, even under extreme conditions and in motion. Are you interested in other chainflex® cables or do you need help? Write us, also in the chat on the site. You would like to talk to a chainflex® expert or need more information about further products? You are welcome to call us or make a personal appointment.

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