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Quick Chain.100 - Configure cables and carriers in a few simple steps7/12/2017

igus offers comprehensive online configurators and expert systems on the internet to ensure that energy chain system design and calculation is not a time-consuming process. On the igus website, the customer can not only choose the right cable for their moving application with the chainflex product finder, but also immediately configure their individual energy chain system using the online e-chain expert, QuickChain.100. This ensures reliable data on the durability of the e-chain and the cables, thus making the selection of the most cost-effective system even easier.

With the motion plastics specialist igus, the customer has now the opportunity to find the best energy chain system for a travel of up to 100 metres more easily and quickly: Visit the igus website, open the e-chain expert QuickChain.100 (QC.100), choose unharnessed or harnessed cables, enter the application and environmental parameters and finally select and configure the appropriate energy chain. Within the QuickChain.100 expert, the user can choose from more than 1,200 highly flexible chainflex cables tested by igus as well as over 4,000 'readycable' drive cables. On the basis of the specified cables and application data, space constraints, dynamics and energy chain environment, the customer can easily choose from a range of 90,000 e-chains parts, which are tested in the in-house laboratory spread over 2,750 square metres. The integrated service life calculation for the energy chain and cables allows the customer to quickly and easily choose the most cost-effective system that safely meets their requirements. For customers trained by igus sales staff, a "power mode" is also available, which allows interior separations deviating from the standard recommendations for example the stacking of up to three cables one above the other. This allows the customer to choose a smaller e-chain width. Once the configuration has been completed, this is checked again and approved by igus. The free e-chain expert QC.100 can be used both online and offline, alone and by a team. For example, several team members from different departments can design energy chain systems online at any time and at any place, process the CAD data and order them directly.

The e-chains expert QuickChain.100 is directly available at