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Maintenance-Free Parts for Aerial Lifts & Platforms

Aerial lifts, telescopic boom platforms and cherry pickers offer very little space for the safe travel of energy, which is why so many engineers turn to e-chain® cable carriers made of high-performance plastics, or a plastic-steel hybrid, from igus to protect their moving cables and hoses.

igus spare parts for guidance, transmission and bearing systems in telescopic lifting work platforms such as energy chains or drag chains, cables and supply lines as well as plastic plain bearings, linear bearings or sliding plates meet the harsh conditions of outdoor and permanently stressed devices.
As energy chains can do without screws, there are no loose or lost parts due to vibrations. No rusting and jamming, because of plastic. Openable at any point you like and assemble in minutes. Cables with high UV resistance, designed for continuous dynamic use in energy chains with a guarantee of 36 months. No greasing and regreasing of bearing points, because igus® plain and linear bearings as well as sliding plates are completely maintenance-free and self-lubricating.

Retrofit of a cherry picker with the igus hybrid energy chain

New parts for aerial lifts & telescopic lift platforms

Hybrid energy chain YE

Hybrid energy chain made of polymer and steel

  • Almost 50% less weight than a pure steel chain
  • 50% longer unsupported length than comparable polymer chain
  • Easy installation: polymer outer links with flange for easy assembly of chain links

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Bus cables with 600V UL approval

High-end bus cable with 600V UL

  • UL voltage of 300V doubled to 600V
  • Can be laid directly next to cables with the same voltage level
  • Need for additional separating elements between the cables in the chain eliminated, reducing costs
  • 36-month guarantee

Browse 600V UL CFBUS cable
iglidur plate strips in new sizes

Barstock plate strips in new sizes

  • 11 materials available as plate strips
  • Four new dimensions. More possibilities for large-volume and delicate components
  • Free choice of length: buy only what you need
  • Four new dimensions reduce waste and processing costs

Browse barstock extended plate strips

e-chain® cable carriers: reliable & simple energy supply systems

Energy, data, media cables and hoses must be securely guided in telescopic work platforms. E-chain® cable carriers from igus provide a special cable protection not only against external influences, but also against wear, which occurs during the cyclically recurring retraction and extension of the telescopic arms with different lifting speeds.

Energy chain E4.1L

Energy chain E4.1L

e-chains® of the E4.1L series combine ease of installation, toughness and low weight in one family. Available in many sizes with many accessories from stock.

Browse E4.1L e-chain

E2.1 e-chain

Energy chain E2.1

e-chains® of the E2.1 series are particularly suitable for very tight installation spaces and short unsupported lengths. Easy to assemble and openable where you like.

Browse E2.1 micro chain

Guidance for hydraulic hoses

Energy chain E2.1

Safe and reliable guidance for two hydraulic hoses with igus E2 e-chains® with extender crossbars. The special solution for truck-mounted work platforms.

Browse guidance for hydraulic hoses

Download the Aerial Lifts brochure

aerial lifts

Learn more about the aerial lift industry and how igus maintenance-free parts are cost-effective solutions used in lifts, telescopic boom platforms, cherry pickers and more!

Download the Aerial Lifts brochure

chainflex cables: smallest radii and can withstand high loads

The chainflex cables withstand the highest bending stresses and make the smallest bend radii up to 4xd cable diameters possible. All chainflex cables carry a guarantee for 36 months.

Control cable CF890/CF891

Control cable CF890/CF891

For flexing applications with influence of oil. For indoor and outdoor applications without direct solar radiation. Especially for unsupported travels up to 10m.

Shop CF891 control cables

Control cable CF77.UL

Control cable CF890/CF891

For heavy-duty use and almost complete resistance to oil. Indoor and outdoor applications with average UV radiation. Unsupported travels up to 100m.

Browse control cable CF77.UL

Bus cable CFBUS.PUR

Bus cable CFBUS.PUR

For medium load and almost complete resistance to oil. Indoor and outdoor applications without direct sun radiation. Unsupported travels up to 20m.

Browse bus cable CFBUS.PUR

iglide plastic, self-lubricating bearings vs. maintenance-intensive sliding blocks

Demands on lubrication and maintenance add up to high costs.  Thanks to igus self-lubricating plastic plain bearings, sliding plates in telescopic work platforms can be designed to work without lubrication and maintenance. In addition, they are often more cost-effective and durable than metallic solutions.

iglide barstock sliding plates

Sliding plates

Plastic sliding plates are specially designed for dynamic applications and require no additional lubricant and are maintenance-free.

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Q2 sleeve bearings


  • The durable heavy duty bearing
  • Dimensionally stable at high loads
  • Wear resistant
  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

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G300 sleeve bearings

G iglide

  • Most popular iglide® material worldwide
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Cost-effective

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